We want you to return to Affiliate Marketing!

We know that some of you haven’t run with us for a while and we want YOU to know what’s different at today’s Soft4Media vs when you were last an active member. So what’s different? Our ownership and management team have changed dramatically for the better and we now have the most experienced and successful executive team in affiliate marketing business leading us forward .

Today’s Soft4Media is 100% focused on what we can do for the affiliate and we’ve come up with a lot of things that you’ll love. In short, we’ve rebuilt ourselves from top to bottom with 1 focus in mind, YOU the affiliate. Here are some highlights about today’s Soft4Media

Soft4Media boasts the highest payouts in the industry, don’t take our word though, ask around:

We’re wildly popular with affiliate marketing users and welcome you to take a look on the forums! There’s a big buzz surrounding our offers and the fact that we pay MORE (and EARN you more) than all of the other CPA networks or affiliate marketing platforms out there. From U.S.A to France to New Zealand and everything in between, we not only pay more but access exclusive offers. When the entire industry lost their Australian offers, Soft4Media never lost a single one. While the industry looks on, Soft4Media users are hitting $35.00 mobile pin submits in France. We’re delivering a laundry list of great offers in the U.S.A and have even started offering Pin Submits (yes, they’re slowly coming back in the U.S.A but only with Soft4Media). We could go on but you get the idea.

New Technologies geared at helping you earn more:

Have you seen our entirely new dashboard? Complete with every feature you could ever dream of to help you organize and implement all of our tools, offers and customization features (see video below).

How about our new File & Link lockers? When compared to other networks, our fully customizable landing pages generate much higher Conversion Rates, which mean more money for you the affiliate (see video #2)

The Only 100% Mobile Optimized Content Locker:

Did you know that the average affiliate marketing user has approximately 12%-15% of their traffic come in from mobile smartphones? Unfortunately, others direct you to their basic web content locker which doesn’t load properly and looks broken or oddly stretched to users.

Soft4Media is 100% optimized for mobile visitors and automatically detects them as they come in. We not only have our Mobile Locker appear but we also have ads that are optimized to mobile users. That means that instead of burning 12%-15% of your traffic as you would

With other networks, you’re turning it into revenue at Soft4Media. (See image)

#1 In International Coverage:

Soft4Media is at the top another category with international coverage. Why let your users from around the world hit a dead page? Soft4Media has offers to cover everything from U.S.A to Australia right down to Iraq, Kenya, Singapore, Iceland and more. Other networks serve up a blank page or filler. At Soft4Media, every single impression is your potential revenue and that’s not something we’ll let go to waste. Better coverage equals better earnings and Soft4Media coverage is by long and far the best online.

Customer Service & Support:

We had a lot of great feedback in the past but we were far from where we are today. Our entire team is skilled, helpful and very friendly. Affiliates are our partners and we want to work together with you the way that partners should.

Your needs are our #1 priority, we’ll help you get setup and figure out the best way to generate unheard of revenues.

The Ultimate Comparison To “Other” Networks:

We could go on forever about our new features and explain all of the ways that we’re different but summing it up is probably best. To do so, we’ll say this: If you try Soft4Media and we aren’t able to our perform every single other Content Locking business there is, then its plain and simple that we don’t deserve your business at all – we say that and we mean it, we are that confident and want you to see it for yourself. All we can ask is that you try it out and rather than talk about it, we’ll prove it to you. From the moment you join to each and every big payday, Soft4Media is going to show you what we’re all about.

Try us out, even for a day and let us prove what today’s NEW Soft4Media is all about.

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