What is Mobile Traffic in Affiliate Marketing and How to Benefit From It?

On a daily basis, people spend a few hours on their devices. Americans, for example, spend nearly three hours routinely browsing with their phones.

As per statista.com, there are over 2.3 billion smartphone users all over the world. Moreover, by 2020 their number is expected to reach the margin of 3 billion nearly.

So you cannot neglect this data when considering affiliate marketing instruments and kinds of traffic. Here we are going to talk about what mobile traffic is and how to make it bring your profits.

What is mobile traffic?

It is a kind of traffic that usually runs up from mobile applications.

In the “sanctuary” of mobile affiliate marketing, companies pay affiliates for every person who has been drawn via a gadget. Usually, customers come from iOS smartphones or Android devices.

How does it work?

To understand how mobile affiliate marketing functions, you have to get familiar with four top parties in it:

  • an advertiser
  • the network
  • a publisher or an affiliate
  • a user

By the way, it’s publishers who convert mobile traffic into funds, whereas advertisers propose offers and represent companies. While networks combine offers, users subscribe to them.


Also, there are regulators – mobile network providers – who present mobile data to customers, determine what can be advertised, etc.

They are the ones who rule this mobile market, so billing, targeting and flow also depend on them.

What are the mobile traffic sources?

The largest one in the niche is in-app traffic.

Here are best free and paid mobile ad platforms, which can bring you traffic:

  1. Google AdMob
  2. Airpush
  3. Medialets/Servo

It is noteworthy that in the niche of mobile advertising and promotion of the conversion type can be drastically divergent from what desktop traffic deal with. To take a handful of examples:

  • subscription models
  • install patterns

How to make mobile traffic work for you?

To begin with, you have to realize that in this industry things will not work according to your expectancy.

The system of mobile affiliate marketing is hugely fluctuating and volatile, so you have to be patient and learn from the failures that others have experienced and don’t be afraid of going down the road again.

How not to fail in Mobile Affiliate Marketing? Tips

  • The soundest way to improve is to do a lot of testing and optimizing.
  • If your initial plan does not work out, test something distinct, upgrade your ideas.
  • Keep in touch with your network’s account manager; ask for detailed info about a current state.
  • Pile only into what you have tested and researched about.
  • Stay abreast of the latest changes in the niche.
  • Balance the time that campaign regulation, reviewing and optimization consume and the attitude to performance in the sectors that you’ve selected.

Getting conducive prices for mobile traffic

To get the immeasurable alternatives, analyze what your competitors are doing, and only then build up your pricing model.

When you purchase mobile traffic to forward an offer, you should know that the core thing is the symmetry between your execution and what you can afford.

Here are some charge prototypes that you can stick to:

  1. CPM (cost-per-mile)
  2. CPC (cost-per-click)

With CPM, you establish the largest sum that you are ready to pay for 1,000 impressions of your advertisements. Also, it can help you to enhance your CTR (click-through rate).

With CPC, in its turn, you will pay for every click on your ad. It is better than CPM thanks to its stability. However, it might not be as applicable to rotators as to single offers.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to appreciate the universe of mobile traffic.

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